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Gabrielle Ruddick lives and works in London, Paris, & New York City as a fashion, beauty, and still life photographer & film director. Her vast works range from both editorial and commercial projects.

Often using a conceptual approach she combines facets of pop-culture and romanticism along with spirited colors and subject juxtaposition. In her storytelling works she challenges many expected views of what it means to be fascinating and the stereotypical ways in which ‘beauty’ is often depicted. In addition to her photography works, Gabrielle combines reality and illusion in her cinematic films. She places viewers in an electrifying and lively dream-like atmosphere where they are often left wondering how, or why.

"The goal of the work is often to challenge what people perceive as normal." -Gabrielle Ruddick

In 2018 Gabrielle completed her Masters Degree in Fashion Photography at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. She was also awarded first place for her still-life work in PDN's The Look, International Fashion Photography Contest.

In 2019 Gabrielle moved her talent internationally and is currently working in London & Paris. She also continues working with her NYC clients.

Gabrielle Ruddick | Self Portrait 2020

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